Is God Calling You?

As I read over my last blog, I thought about the Title “Thankful? Yes we Are!!”.  Some things haven’t changed as I can still speak of the thankful hearts that our Ministry Board and those that have helped to support this ministry have.  What seemed almost impossible 5 months ago, has been accomplished with God’s blessing.

I am happy to announce that the home that God has supplied to help women in need is indeed beautiful and ready to house the women God calls to the Residential House Program.  We are praying for them and trust that they will soon be with us.

We need you to volunteer to help us with our mission. Please check out the new Volunteer Page on our website and fill out an application so when the time comes you will be ready to serve.

I am also happy to announce that our $50,000 budget for 2016 has been met! God has generously supplied over and above our perceived need for next year.

(The more funds that come in the more houses we can open and the more help we can give to women in need of a helping hand)

A lady that runs a homeless shelter in West Chester recently told me that she could keep our homes full with women who really desire a fresh start and need support.

She knows them by name and so does our heavenly Father. He laid them on my heart and The Oaks Ministry was formed. This ministry belongs to God and will fulfill His holy purposes! Isaiah 61:1-3

Many of you have worked along side of us at fund raising and  have financially supported this ministry.  You have been a great source of encouragement to us. Again we say Thank you!!

The past 3+ years has been a huge step of faith for all of us.  God continues to show up just in time and we are trusting He will with this last need we have in order to open the doors to the first Oaks House.

We have not made a decision on a Residential House Manager. A woman called by God, single with no responsibility of pets or children. and we are trusting that our Board will know without a doubt when she is revealed. Our next meeting is December 30th and we ask you to pray for discernment as we hopefully move forward.

The person God is calling to this position, may be feeling God tugging at her heart, but has not taken the steps to move forward in faith because of fear of failure or change or rejection.

If I am referring to you, I ask you to please call me at 484-368-7268 or send an e-mail to  and let me share with you the blessing of obedience.

If God is calling you, than He will reveal that to the Oaks Board and you will soon be living in a beautifully restored farm house with a group of ladies that God has called you to love. You will have a committed Board of Directors to give you the support that you need.

Its all about trusting God and following His prompting.  I’ve been doing that since June 2012 in regards to this ministry. Scary at times but  rewarding as I’ve seen God at work and I have been part of His special plans to restore women to wholeness in Christ.

If you or anyone you know may be interested in this position, please let us know. As soon as this position is filled we will open the doors to the first Oaks house and begin fulfilling our Purpose:

“To provide transitional housing and Christian-based support services for women who would be actively working towards financial stability and other related activities.”

All For Him,

Robin Martin, President

The Oaks Ministry is a Pa Non-Profit Incorporation and all your donations are tax exempt to the fullest extent allowed by law.

Please send your 2015 donations to The Oaks Ministry, 290 Bethel Road, Oxford, Pa  19363. Postmarked and checks dated no later than December 31, 2015 and we will send you a receipt!  THANK YOU!!

Together we can make a difference!!!












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