New & Exciting Announcements….

I am excited to announce that the Oaks Ministry Board has selected three wonderful women to be the first to enter the Oaks Housing Program.

We will welcome them into the Oaks house on Monday, February 1st.  Each lady chosen is ready for a “fresh start” and God is giving them a “fresh start” in a beautiful home surrounded by people who love and care deeply for them and have been faithfully praying for them.  God is waiting with open arms and so are we.  The Oaks House is a “holy” place set aside for God’s special purposes and we can’t wait to see what God does to and through these special ladies. (Isaiah 61:1-3)

Our residential house manager, Rachel, is busy working to have the house and rooms prepared for their arrival.

The women in house will have a daily schedule to follow. After breakfast, there will be group devotions, and quiet time with God.  There will be daily chores to be done in house and on the grounds around the property.

From 12:30- 4:30 the ladies will be learning the art of quilting. Jannett Caldwell, a very talented quilt designer, has offered her services to teach the oaks women this art. Jannett has many years of experience and is excited about this new opportunity. The items made in house will be on display in the future, at the Oaks Store, online, for interested parties to view, purchase or custom order. All funds raised will go toward the Oaks Ministry’s mission to help women in need.

The women will also be required to attend a Sunday church service of their choice, along with the local Tuesday evening, Celebrate Recovery program held at Bethany Presbyterian Church in Oxford. Celebrate Recovery is a 12 step program to help people overcome hurts, habits and hang-ups. Its an excellent Christ-centered program and I would encourage anyone to attend.  The program begins with dinner at 6:30 and is free to all participants.

Please keep us in your prayers as we work out the final details of the Oaks House Program.

The Oaks Board of Directors are also happy to announce two new Board members: 

Kay Hoover who works for Bank of America.  Kay will be the financial advisor for the women in the housing program. She will help them learn good financial skills establish budgets and goals to help them become financially secure so that in a year or less they will be able to support themselves and be responsible citizens in our community. Kay is also co-chairing our Fund Raising Team.

Gary Robinson, owner of G & F Carpet. Gary is a fine, outstanding member of our community. His heart for ministry and his love for the Lord Jesus is what caught our attention.  Gary knows how to run a successful business and brings those skills to our Board.

We look forward to working along side of both of them to fulfill The Oaks Ministry’s Vision, Purpose and Mission.

We welcome them both to our Board Community!!!









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