A Manager’s Message from Oaks 1

I will always be grateful to my God and Father for guiding me to this ministry.  He has blessed this ministry so much and has brought so many wonderful people to this ministry also.  I have been so blessed to be given this opportunity as House Manager.  All of the women that have come here I can very easily relate to since I had been through so many trials myself.  When I tell them about  my different trials they open up to me about theirs.  My Father has taught me to show grace, kindness and patience with the women.  I try to shine God’s Light through me so these women will follow my example.  It is so rewarding when the women grow spiritually and become more confident of themselves. With all of the different resources in this ministry the women are able to get back on their feet and become financially stable.  We have all remained sisters in Christ so they gain lifetime friends.  This ministry definitely gives most of these ladies a lasting change of life for the good. – Paula Swain

The Oaks Ministry Board of Directors appreciates all Paula does to help us help others.  She is a gift from God to us and to the women in our program.

We are still looking for a person to invite 6 friends to join them at a tea party on Saturday, June 17th from 1-3 PM.  If you are feeling the tug, “I can do that!”, please contact Robin at 484-368-7268. No charge for the tea and the fellowship. Free will donations are appreciated but not required.

Thanks you for your support!

Robin Martin, President and Founder of The Oaks Ministry

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