A Managers Message from Oaks 2

I had a very hard childhood and adult life.  I knew there was a God. I went to church every Sunday till my 2nd husband would not let me or the children go.  I started to forget about God till the Amish came into my life.  Yes I was working for the Amish for 15 years. The last year I worked for them I was always dizzy and started passing out.  It got to the point that I couldn’t drive or stand very long so we agreed that I must stop working. I had to move out of my apartment so I moved in with my sister and her boyfriend.  About three weeks after I moved in, I moved out because of things that they were doing.  I then moved in with my brother for about 6 months and he wanted me to move out so I went to a homeless shelter.  Six weeks later I had an interview with Robin and two other ladies.  When I stepped in the Oaks House, I felt the presence of God throughout the house.  It didn’t scare me or frighten me.  It was like God was welcoming me.  I knew right then and there that God would take care of me.  I know a lot of people are giving the Oaks Ministry the respect they deserve. I am so blessed now to be the manager of Oaks 2.  I have become so much closer to God and I want to walk in his footsteps forever. I want to thank the Oaks Ministry for everything they have done for me. – Vickie Chandler

The Oaks Ministry thanks Vickie for the work that she does for us at Oaks 2.  Our vision is for many houses to help women in need, and our plan is to use graduates from our program to manage each home the Lord provides.  Vickie can relate to the women in our program for it wasn’t long ago she was where many of them are.  She is a living testimony of the difference God makes in a person’s life when they take the program seriously and learn to trust God completely.

Someone recently asked me when will your 3rd house open? I stated when both houses are full and we are turning women away, I will begin to pray for God to meet the need according to His will.  I think it would be awesome if God continued to provide homes for our cause through the Body of Christ the church.  Something to ponder….and of course pray about.

We also thank Debbie Kinney for the wonderful job she did re-designing our website and creating a new logo. Our Board is thrilled with the work she did for us and we hope you like it!

The Oaks Ministry thanks all of you for your prayers and support of this ministry. We could not do it without the faithful men and women that God has called to partner with us.

PS:  The Oaks Ministry recently accepted two new members on our Board. The next update will be introducing them to you….stay tuned!!


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