Two New Board Members

The Oaks Ministry wants to introduce to you John Wallace and Sheryl Hawk the newest members of our Board.  John is a long time member of Bethany Presbyterian Church and is excited to be part of our ministry. I often say it takes a special man to be part of a woman’s ministry and John is that man. He helps out with the “man” jobs around the houses and shares words of wisdom at our meetings. So thankful to have John on our team.

Sheryl Hawk attends Oxford Church of the Nazarene and has accepted the responsibility of the position of Treasurer of our organization. She brings with her a vast amount of knowledge and skills that we believe will help our ministry tremendously. Not only does she have banking experience but also has experience in fund raising and grant writing. We will keep Sheryl very busy with The Oaks Ministry. We are also thankful to  have Sheryl on our team.

Both of these Board Members are a reminder of the goodness of our God. He provides just what we need, just when we need it.  They both have hearts of compassion and wholeheartedly believe in our mission. We welcome them both and look forward to working along side of them for as long as the Lord allows.

Please keep our Board in your prayers.  We love the Lord and desire to run this ministry with integrity and transparency in order to honor God in every way.  We need His wisdom to know the best steps to take to move forward and when are we to take those steps? Our two homes will soon be full and then we’ll have to turn away women in need. At that time we will begin to pray, effectively and fervently for God to provide another home to meet our needs. Of course with every home comes more expenses.  We know that God will provide. If you wish to contribute to our cause, please send your tax exempt donation to:

Oxford Oaks Ministry                                                                                                                           290 Bethel Road                                                                                                                                     Oxford, Pa.  19363

We thank you in advance for your support. Together we can make a difference!!


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