From The Heart of P.J. Scheese

“I was recently asked to write about my involvement in The Oaks Ministry and was surprised at my initial reaction to the request, as I write stuff all the time and very seldom have trouble coming up with something to say.  However, this time was different and at first I could not put my finger on why. Then it occurred to me that my involvement with this ministry is something that is very personal to me.  Again I could not put my finger immediately on why I felt that way and then it came to me.  It is because “There but by the Grace of God go I.”

Growing up in an upper middle class community with very loving parents, I took it for granted that feeling of being safe and warm and having my belly full.  Actually I have lived all of my life always knowing where my next meal would come from and where I would be laying my head each night.  I’ve lived a privileged life, and not due to anything I’ve done to deserve it.

So when I was asked if I wanted to be on the Board of The Oaks Ministry I felt both honored and humbled.  There is such a need for an outreach program for women who have no place to go.  They are either couch surfing, in a homeless shelter and running out of their time there, living out of their cars, or any number of other scenarios that have made them feel lost, hopeless, and marginalized.

This ministry is for women just like me, had I not been as fortunate as I was growing up.  In fact even with the circumstances with which I grew up, this ministry has shown me what the love of Christ truly means and has given me blessings tenfold back what I have put into it.

Oaks helps women to become financially independent, but more importantly encourages them to accept the love of Christ, his forgiveness, and the future he promises to all who believe.  And that is so very personal to me.  Although I was raised as a “Christian” I did not truly understand what Jesus did for me until about eight years ago.  The understanding happened within a moment for me.  A moment in my life when my eyes where opened and my heart was changed.  I was like a child then and stayed that way for a long time.  I still am in fact.  But when I was called to The Oaks Ministry, I was finally given a direction, a purpose, a heart of servitude.  For that I am so thankful

I don’t know why I was asked to put all this in writing.  I think perhaps I was asked to share my experience to help encourage others to volunteer.  There is so much to be done.  We need two house managers as well as volunteers who perhaps have some talent they would like to share with our resident women on a regular basis.  Our women need the help and understanding of other women who wish to share their lives in a meaningful way. “Many hands make light work”, my Mama used to say.

It is a very personal thing to share one’s life with others.  But I can tell you that what you get back from being a part of something bigger than yourself will humble you.  We all have a talent, even if we don’t know what it is.  God brings it out of us when someone is in need of it.  That is what The Oaks Ministry has done for me.  And I encourage anyone who wishes to be part of something far bigger than yourself to join The Oaks Ministry in whatever capacity you wish.  It is a life changing experience.”

Please visit our Volunteer Page on this website and complete and send in an application if you are interested in helping us help others. We would love to have you join our team.  And as always we “THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT”!!







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