With Many Hands Make Light Work

We believe that every woman can be changed by the knowledge of and a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.  The Oaks Ministry strives to show the love of Christ to women who are facing difficult times and are in a transitional state of life.  Through sharing Christ’s love, we support women through Christian counseling, guidance, and support services so they can become financially stable and responsible members of the community.

The Oaks Ministry is surviving and thriving because so many of you have responded to God’s prompts to share your time, talents, prayers, donated items and financial support.  And we are so grateful!

But life gets busy, and we all find ourselves swamped with things to do and causes to support.  Sometimes it feels more like a roller coaster ride than a smooth sail doesn’t it?  For a ministry, it can mean stretching and stressing people to organize fundraisers, do double duty, and help in areas outside their natural talents and abilities.

With that in mind we want to be the best stewards we can of all our resources, and we believe that is best done by giving top priority to the work of the Ministry itself.  Roller coasters are fun for some folks, but this kind of roller coaster can drain our volunteers, staff and board members of time and energy better spent on our priority of directly meeting the needs of the women we serve.

Will you consider becoming a Resource Partner thorough regular support in one or more of the categories listed in paragraph one above?  You benefit by being able to schedule your time, talent and financial help.  We benefit by knowing when and where we can count on having people and resources to help meet those needs.

Here is a “quick list” of ways you can help:

  • Pray regularly for The Oaks Ministry
  • Arrange for a representative of  The Oaks Ministry to speak to your church or group
  • Perform maintenance or repairs
  • Provide transportation for our residents
  • Help with fundraising event
  • Be a Respite House Manager
  • Organize/host a fundraising event
  • Co-Host a Tea Party (a fun way to support the ministry as well as enjoying a fun afternoon with friends) See our Tea Party page on website for more information.
  • Donate Household Cleaners or Paper Products
  • Help with financial support monthly, quarterly, annually, or one-time (no amount is insignificant)

As a ministry we would like to have more monthly donors from individuals as well as companies and organizations.  Receiving a monthly check from a donor is income we can depend on and helps us to meet our needs without having to spend as much time with fund raising events.

If so led, you may send your donation to:  290 Bethel Road, Oxford, Pa  19363.  All donations are tax exempt to the full extent allowed by law.

If you are willing to help in any of the above ways, please contact us a 484-368-7268 to answer any questions you may have or you may contact us through email at info@oxfordoaksministry.com or visit our FB page “Oxford Oaks Ministry” and send a message.

The Oaks Ministry is thankful for Alger Oil in Oxford, Southern Chester County Electric, and Oxford’s ACE organization for their donation of AC in Oaks 2.  With the heat wave we are experiencing it is very much appreciated!   God has blessed us with many caring individuals to help us do what we do which motivates us to press on!  May God continue to bless each of  you as you have blessed us!!!

Together we can make a difference……

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