The Birth of an Oak Tree

Jan Kamp

One of the positive aspects of the internet is that it can be a springboard for ideas, so that’s where I started looking for synonyms of spring, oak, growth, etc. to stimulate ideas for this issue of The Oak Leaves and also a theme for our upcoming Buds ‘n Blossoms Benefit Breakfast.
This video was one of the treasures that appeared; it made me think of our Oaks residents and the growth they experience during their stay with us. Please take a few minutes to enjoy this beautiful visual representation of new beginnings, and thank God with us for all those who contribute time, talent, and resources to give these women an opportunity start over in life through The Oaks Ministry.
Instead of falling to the wayside of life, the Oaks women are nestled securely in a loving Christ-centered environment where they are nourished by the Living Water and Bread of Life.
New life and hope begin to grow, pushing through the tough outer shell – not an easy task. Staff and volunteers help strengthen and encourage them as they learn new ways to overcome old difficulties, gaining strength with each spiritual, psychological and practical breakthrough.
As they tentatively thrust tiny roots into the One Who will never let them down they sense His strength being drawn up into their spirit in response to His Spirit.
Then tender shoots break through the darkness, bask in the Light and sprout new growth.
When the time is right, strong new saplings are ready to be planted – in new places, with new beginnings, a new future, and the understanding that by staying firmly rooted in Christ they will always have a strong anchor to keep them safe and secure in the winds of life and change.
And the cycle begins again.

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