Jesus + Nothing = Everything

Recently I read a book called “JESUS + NOTHING = EVERYTHING”.  I haven’t been able to get it out of my mind.  I sense God saying this is a message that our ladies need to hear, but not only our ladies but the church as well. Our enemy puts in our minds that we are not good enough, that we will never measure up, but scripture reminds us that we are saved  by faith not by works lest anyone boast. Having said that, truly understanding the gift we have been given, in Jesus Christ, will result in a changed heart and a changed life.

I am so thankful for the opportunity that The Oaks Ministry gives to hurting women who have lost hope and need to know and understand the love of Jesus.  We believe that a relationship with Jesus will radically change ones life, it did mine.  The Oaks Ministry is one tool that God uses to show others His unconditional love.

As many of you know we lost one of our residents suddenly. We believe that Jennifer is now in heaven with Jesus. We are honored that God led her to The Oaks Ministry and the last three months of her life she was in a safe, Christian home surrounded by people she loved.  Through The Oaks Ministry program she was able to find FT employment, purchase a vehicle and become financially stable but most importantly she gained a deeper understanding of Jesus and was learning to trust Him in all things. We had hopes that Jennifer would live a long life and shine the light and love of Jesus here on earth but God had other plans and called her to her eternal home. We do not always understand the why’s of life but we know that He always knows best.  Jennifer may not have had a lot of material things, but she had Jesus and JESUS + NOTHING = EVERYTHING.  She is no longer struggling in this world, for she is free and we know that when “Jesus sets you free you are free indeed!”

The Oaks Ministry asks you to continue to pray for God’s will for us as we take steps forward for the possible purchase of a local church that will be for sale to be converted into transitional housing for women.  We are in the process of a “variance” hearing with the township to get approval to use the church for housing for up to 8 women.  We have 3 hearings before we will have an answer from the township.  The first hearing was March 22nd and we passed (PTL), our next hearing will be on May 14th and our final hearing on June 4th.  We are taking small steps of faith trusting that God will either leave the door open or will shut it.  Even if we get permission from the township on the 4th, we still have other “hoops” to jump through and at any time God may shut the door. The exciting thing about this process is seeing God at work.  If we end up with this building, it will be another miracle.  To God Be the Glory and if we do not, To God Be the Glory cause He has something better in store for us.

Remember JESUS + NOTHING = EVERYTHING…….and we have JESUS!!

God Bless You an Thank You for your support. We couldn’t do what we do without the physical, financial and spiritual support of all of you.


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