Thinking Outside of the Box

As many of you know and have experienced, things have been different this year.  Because of the COVID epidemic many of our lives have been on hold to some degree. For many families they have not been able to work or their work environment has changed.  Many people are wondering how to support their families and to meet their basic needs without employment. Together we as a community are reaching out and working together to help those in need.

The Oaks Ministry as a Pa-Non Profit has also been affected to some degree with COVID restrictions.  Because of the recommendations of those in authority we chose not to hold our Spring Fund Raiser, therefore we are “THINKING OUTSIDE OF THE BOX” on how to raise funds for our organization.

Our ministry is blessed to have a group of ladies who call themselves “The Classy Quilters” who meet together weekly to make items to donate to charities.  They make many beautiful things and donate them to Oaks.  We have decided to offer their items online to those who are interested in supporting us since most of the public events  we generally support to sell these items have been cancelled because of COVID.

Therefore beginning this Thursday, June 25th at 6PM we will be posting (9) one of a kind quilt items for sale on our Facebook Page “Oxford Oaks Ministry”.  Each quilt will be posted individually with size and price listed.  If you are interested in purchasing a quilt please comment “SOLD” with the price under the picture.  First person to comment SOLD receives the quilt. We will contact you to set up a time and place that we can meet locally to transfer the items purchased and collect funds.

I am really excited about this opportunity to offer you some beautiful items to decorate your home or give away as gifts while at the same time supporting our ministry.  You will find that the items on display are very reasonably priced and keep in mind that 100% of the sale goes directly to The Oaks Ministry to help us provide “Hope, Healing and Restoration” in a Christ-centered residential environment for Women in need. For more information about Oaks Ministry visit our website at 

We thank you in advance for your support of this “Out of the Box” Fund Raising Promotion.

In God We Trust;

Robin Martin, President


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