As time moves on….

My last post was dated December 1, 2020. A reminder that time has a way of moving on and often gets away from us as I didn’t realize it had been that long.

Since time moves on quickly, we need to evaluate how we are spending it. Everyday should be a time to draw near to God and to follow His lead. I believe we all miss what I will refer to as “God Sightings” and opportunities as we often get distracted with everything else going on around us and give no thought to God and His purposes for our lives. I know I have to continually work at this therefore my prayer is:

“God help me to make each day a journey with you. Help me to be aware of your presence and surrender to your will. Give me the “peace that surpasses all understanding” as I trust in you completely in all things. Help me to not be so preoccupied with the things of the world that I forget the Creator of World who is totally in control and able to make all things work out for good”.

Life’s Struggles are to make us Better not Bitter. The promises in God’s word give me hope and peace as I learn to accept the things I cannot change, to change the things I can change and the ask God for the wisdom to know the difference. The God that I serve is also a God that you serve. The prayer I pray for me I also pray for you as we need each other. Life is sometimes hard but God is good, lets keep our eyes on Him and move forward together in Christ…

The Oaks Ministry strives to show the love of Christ to women who are going through difficult times by providing a safe place for them to live as they work toward financial stability and also learn to know the God of our Salvation, Jesus Christ. Those that take the program seriously have been able to get their lives together and begin again. Even those that do not take the program seriously and do not complete it have had many spiritual seeds planted and watered and we recognize that only God can make them grow. They remain in our hearts and our prayers. We have reconnected with many and they express their appreciation for our ministry. Sometimes we don’t appreciate what we had until we no longer have it. This is true for all of us…

In light of COVID and having no public events, we were tremendously blessed financially in 2020. God did far more than we imagined. So thankful for His promises that He will supply all of our needs and He does it through the generosity of people like you. You invest in our ministry and rejoice with us as lives are changed. Please continue to support us through your prayers, your time and talents and your finances for we could not do what we do without faithful supporters like you.

A few of the things we are praying for and trusting God to provide are a house manager for a potential Oaks 3 residence. A person who can design our newsletter and an Event Coordinator. If you or your organization wants to collect items for Oaks Ministry, these are the things that we can use at this time: Cleaning supplies, Paper products and Laundry Supplies. Currently we have plenty of Personal Care items. We are also looking for an apartment in Oxford for a resident that is graduating in the end of May. She has done great in our program and will make a responsible tenant. Her heart is set on serving the Lord and doing the right thing, so if you know of anything that might be available for her, please let me know. Her funds are limited so she needs a low monthly rent. We trust in God to provide as we make our needs known. We Thank You in advance!

We currently have openings in both houses. Visit our website at and view our “House Policies and Procedures” document. There is also an application for anyone that is interested. Our program is a great place for a new beginning and has proven to be successful. To God Be The Glory!!

Robin Martin, President

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