A Tribute to a Special Lady

I believe the Holy Spirit led me to this writing today in honor of a Dear Sister in Christ that has been a tremendous blessing to me both personally and professionally.

My friend attended an Oaks Ministry Benefit Concert that was held at Mt. Vernon Christian Church. I’m not sure if our paths crossed the evening of the concert or not but a little time later I received a call that she had some items she wanted to donate to our Oaks House. God knew that we needed an appliance that she wanted to get rid of, therefore God laid on her heart to call Oaks. I felt an immediate connection with her and that was the beginning of a friendship that has continued and grown deeper through the years.

As it turned out she wanted to give of her time, talent and treasures to help us grow the Ministry so she filled out the application required and began by mentoring one of the first residents in our program. After her mentoring assignment was completed she decided she was better equipped to support us by using her God-given gifts in promoting our organization. She has done this through the years by managing our FB page, designing many promotional items, she designs and edits our newsletters and she writes and records our WDAC (94.5 FM) radio AD’s and has earned the title of Communications Director. If you haven’t figured out yet who this special lady is, her name is Jan Kamp and she is truly a gift from God to our Ministry. Jan has communicated our mission in such a positive way that others come to us as residents and volunteers and financial partners. Together we make a difference in the lives of women.

Jan has been, and is, an inspiration to me personally. I won’t tell her age but I am 63 and she’s got a few years on me but her age hasn’t stopped her. Her energy and her drive to serve others in Jesus’s name is an inspiration to many. For example, God recently laid on Jan’s heart to become a Certified PraiseMoves Instructor. In spite of her age, she completed the course and is now available to help others to get into better physical shape while learning scripture and worshiping God. I have attended a few of Jan’s classes and really enjoy them. I want to share this class with you by inviting you to join us at Colerain Church, 1923 Noble Rd., Kirkwood, Pa on Friday mornings at 9AM. As a 63 year old woman who is not in great physical shape I have found this low-impact fitness class easy to follow. Jan’s incorporating prayer and scripture into every class continues to draw me in. When I leave Jan’s 60 minute class I feel better physically and spiritually. Now who couldn’t use that regardless of your age?

It’s so easy as we get older to get into a rut and get depressed thinking our best years are over. I have struggled with these thoughts and decided If I want to see something different I need to do something different and I can’t think of a better thing to do on Friday mornings that helps me to focus on what’s really important then to attend a PraiseMoves class. When we feel better physically and mentally we are better equipped to do the things God calls us to do, yes even in our old age. But for those of you who don’t consider yourself old, you can benefit from this class as well. I do think you will enjoy it.

If you want more information about PraiseMoves, please contact Jan at cmc4lifejk@gmail.com or call 717-368-0187 or visit http://www.praisemoves.com.

I hope to see you on Friday, Lord willing I will be there!

Robin Martin, President The Oaks Ministry

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