A Time for New Beginnings

I, Robin sensed in the beginning of the year that 2023 was going to be a significant year of growth and opportunities for our Ministry. February 1st, we completed our 7th year of service to women in need. I believe we have learned much over the past 7 years and now God is taking us to a new level beginning with the signing of a lease for our Oaks 3 location in Wakefield. Like the Oaks 1 location on Waterway Road, this house has required much work to get it in the condition needed to be used for our purposes. God had His Hand on this location for us several years back when it was first brought to my attention as a possibility. At that time, I never followed the lead as I didn’t think we were ready for another location so soon. BUT GOD (my two favorite words) saved it for us for such a time as this and we are grateful.

Since we have begun the process of restoration, I have seen God provide in many ways. Thus far all the restoration dollars needed have come from people that have captured our vision and designated them to be used for this expansion, so it has not been a financial burden for our ministry. We so appreciate the many hours of volunteer work that has gone into this remodel. We are able to watch this house being transformed and it soon will be ready for those special ladies that God sends our way. Did you know that God provided a House Manager and a vehicle for this location even before we had the house? This home will provide a safe place for hurting, broken, wounded women to find hope, healing and restoration. Our 9–18-month program is a God-given opportunity for ladies that need a new beginning a fresh start. That desire to turn away from their previous lifestyles and totally surrender to the Lord.

Today I received information that one of our residents did just that. She shared that she prayed the “sinners” prayer and sensed God’s presence like she never had before. This lady came to the Oaks program w/o a job, money and hopeless having recently lost the love of her life through drug overdose. BUT GOD called her to our ministry, supplied her with a full-time job that she loves and enabled her to purchase her own car but most importantly we have been watching her develop a hunger for spiritual things that led to her renewed commitment this past weekend. She has been with us 9 months.

Another resident currently in our program came to us at a time when she had hit rock bottom. No place to live, running out of money, no job, no vehicle. BUT GOD sent her to Oaks. She is a very quiet lady that is very private. She cooperates with every part of our program and is very grateful for the help that she has received. She was able to find full-time employment in a career that she truly enjoys. She just today purchased a vehicle and is so excited about what God has been doing in her life. She has learned from her past mistakes and has no desire to repeat them. She has the opportunity to hear a lot about Jesus and we pray that her knowledge and understanding will continue to grow, and she will learn to love Jesus like we do. She is in a good place, and we are thankful that God sent her to us in her time of need. She has been with us 6 months.

The last resident I will tell you about is ready to exit our program. She has been with us 7 months. She has attended all the required programs and has heard a lot about Jesus and His desire to set her free from the bondage she has been under. She came in need of a program like ours as a place of transition. She was able to find FT employment and just this week an affordable place to live with her children. Although we would have liked to have her spend more time with us, we understand her need to be with her children. We rejoice with her as she prepares to move on. She just told me today that she wants to continue to attend the Trauma Reboot classes and Celebrate Recovery and how much she appreciates what we have done for her. We are claiming the verse that “He who began a good work will be faithful to complete it.”

In reality, not all stories have a happy ending, but we appreciate the opportunity to get to know all of our residents and continue to pray for them when they leave our program. We are only part of their journey. We know that there is no such thing as failure in our program. Our residents are shown the love of Christ and many spiritual seeds are planted and watered. Only God can make them grow. We continually pray that God will give us wisdom, discernment on how to best serve our residents.

We do thank you for your continued support. It’s because of faithful supporters like you, that we are able to do what we do.

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