The Roots of The Oaks Ministry

June of 2012 God gave me a literal vision for this ministry. He led me to the scripture found in Isaiah 61:1-3. This scripture provided the Biblical confirmation to the revelation that His plan for my life was to work with hurting women.

Finally, in February 2015, after much prayer and waiting upon the Lord’s perfect timing, the Oaks Ministry was legally formed as a non-profit corporation in the state of Pennsylvania. There are many stories I can share of God’s leading and providing over the few years as he prepared me and others for this much needed ministry. The work has only just begun, but God is faithful and will continue to provide. Here are just a few ways in which God has been moving, leading, and providing:

  • The Leadership Team, and congregation, at Media Mennonite Church (MMC) have given their blessing for the Oaks Ministry to rent an old, large, farmhouse on their property as the first Oaks house. The agreement made with the church is that the funds/materials needed to repair the farmhouse are the responsibility of the ministry, and in return MMC would lease the house to The Oaks Ministry for $1.00 per month. The lease was signed in September 2015.
  • Work is finished on the house. A new roof, new windows and doors, along with heating, plumbing, and electrical upgrades have now been completed. God has supplied the funds for the restoration according to His perfect will. The house has been beautifully furnished by individuals who wanted to help. God has revealed that the farmhouse is much like the women who will enter it, a bit tired and worn-down but both will be restored with His love and a helping hand. Both will become a “planting of the Lord for the display of His splendor” (Isaiah 61: 3b)
  • The Oaks Ministry has been established as a PA non-profit corporation, with its own 501c3 tax exempt status from the IRS.
  • God has provided a Board of Directors who all are Christians and have a heart for this ministry. They come from the local community and surrounding areas.

The most exciting part over the past few years has been seeing God at work and being part of His plan. My faith and trust in Almighty God has grown so much stronger as a result of this huge step of faith. To God Be the Glory for great things He has done and continues to do!!

Robin Martin, President of the Oaks Ministry



The Oaks Ministry is a Pa non-profit corporation, with its own 501c3 tax exempt status from the IRS.  Oversight is provided by a Christian Board of Directors from the community and surrounding areas. 


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