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The Oaks Ministry is looking for dynamic volunteers to coordinate and leverage community support, plan activities and help our great cause! Please submit your application through the provided links.  Answering the questions on the form will help us match your volunteer application with a suitable volunteer role.

Please download The Oaks Ministry Volunteer Application  (works with Chrome Browser).    If you have any questions, please contact John or Judy Federoff at 610-283-6920.  You may send your application to:

John and Judy Federoff, 568 Garden Station Road, Avondale, Pa 19311 or email to jfederoff@msn.com

We thank you for your interest in volunteering and supporting our organization’s cause.

The Oaks Ministry Board of Directors:

Robin Martin
PJ Scheese
Kathy Ayers
Kay Hoover
Terry Slaten
Darien White